Call for Papers: DEON 2010

[NOTE: Updated on 17 January 2010 to revise submission dates.]

A call for papers — with abstract submission deadline of 20 27 February 2010 and paper submission deadline of 6 March 2010 — has been issued for DEON 2010: The 10th International Conference on Deontic Logic in Computer Science, to be held 7-9 July 2010 in Florence, Italy. The conference has a special focus on Deontic Logic and Legal Systems. Papers are invited on the following topics:

  • “Legal rights
  • Completeness and indeterminacy in legal systems
  • Kinds of legal norms
  • Modelling norms and values
  • Legal power and competences
  • The dynamic of legal systems
  • Compliance and enforcement of obligations
  • Contracts and other constitutive acts
  • The logical study of normative reasoning, including formal systems of deontic logic, defeasible normative reasoning, the logic of action, and other related areas of logic
  • The formal analysis of normative concepts and normative systems
    the formal representation of legal knowledge
  • The formal specification of aspects of norm-governed multi-agent systems and autonomous agents, including (but not limited to) the representation of rights, authorisation, delegation, power, responsibility and liability
  • The formal specification of normative systems for the management of bureaucratic processes in public or private administration
  • Applications of normative logic to the specification of database integrity constraints
  • Normative aspects of protocols for communication, negotiation and multi-agent decision making.”

For more information, please see the call for papers.

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