New York Judges Try Kindle DX

[NOTE: Updated on 31 January 2010 to clarify the statement about "the inability to add comments to text."]

Judges of the New York Appellate Division, Second Department are testing two Kindle DX ereaders, to see whether they meet the judges’ reading needs, reports Vesselin Mitev in the 25 January 2010 New York Law Jounal (subscription required). (HT @debemel.)

In a trial begun in November 2009, two judges of the court at a time are scanning most of the documents relating to their pending cases, to PDF files, and reading those files on the DX. The judges have so far identified several benefits of the DX, including consolidation of large numbers of documents on a single, lightweight device, portability and ease of reading while commuting or while working at home, the ability to highlight portions of text, potential reductions in paper and ink cartridge expenditures, and environmental benefits arising from reduced use of paper. Shortcomings of the DX noted by the judges include difficulty in navigating through documents and the inability to add comments to text.

However, the statement in the article that “the user [of the Kindle DX] is limited to viewing a document and cannot make alterations like writing notes in the margins” appears to be inaccurate. According to the Kindle DX User’s Guide, the DX lets users highlight text and add notes to text: “You can add notes on what you are reading. Kindle stores all your notes for the current content in your annotations. You can view them at any time by pressing the Menu button and selecting ‘My Notes & Marks.’”

For more information, please see the full text of the article.

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