Call for Papers: FCRC 2010: The 3rd Free Culture Research Conference

A call for papers — with extended submission deadline of 7 June 2010 — has been issued for FCRC 2010: The 3rd Free Culture Research Conference, to be held 8-9 October 2010 at Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

The conference theme is: “Free Culture between Commons and Markets: Approaching the Hybrid Economy?”

Papers are invited on the following topics:

  • “Studies on the use and growth of open/free licensing models
  • Critical analyses of the role of Creative Commons or similar models
  • The role of  Free Culture in markets, industry, government, or the non-profit sector
  • Technical, legal or business solutions towards a hybrid economy
  • Incentives, innovation and community dynamics in open collaborative peer production
  • Economic models for the sustainability of commons-based production
  • The economic value of the public domain
  • Business models and the public domain
  • Successes and failures of open licensing
  • Analyses of policies, court rulings or industry moves that influence the future of Free Culture
  • Regional studies of Free Culture with global lessons
  • Best practices from open/free licensing, and the application of different business and organizational models by specific communities or individuals
  • Definitions of openness and freedom for different media types, users and communities
  • Broader economic, sociopolitical, legal or cultural implications of Free Culture initiatives and peer production practices
  • Methodological concerns in the study of Free Culture”

This conference may be especially relevant to those interested such topics as free access to law, copyright in legal information, the application of Creative Commons to legal information, the legal open government data project, open access law journals, and legal institutional repositories.

For more information, please see the call for papers.

HT Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

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