Legal Technology Programs at ABA 2010

A number of legal technology programs will be presented at ABA 2010: The American Bar Association Annual Meeting, being held 5-10 August 2010 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Click here for the conference program.

Here is one of the technology programs being presented at ABA 2010:

Marc Lauritsen, William Hornsby, Richard Granat, Stephanie Kimbro: The Virtual Law Firm: How to Build Your Practice in An Online World, 6 August 2010 (2:00-3:30 PM). Abstract:

This program will discuss, in a panel format, the concept of practicing law virtually and how it can enhance an existing traditional law practice, or exist as a totally virtual law firm. The program will discuss the benefits of delivering legal services online and how it can help a law firm acquire clients who are members of the connected Facebook generation, as well as provide more effective services to existing clients. Topics covered will include: what is a virtual law practice; the web architecture for a virtual law practice; online legal service applications, such as web enabled document automation: ethical issues in the delivery of online legal services, such as confidentiality, security, unauthorized practice of law, client identification and authentication procedures, conflict of interest checking; criteria of vendor selection; the costs associated with setting up a virtual law practice; and marketing your brand and virtual law practice online. This program is brought to you on behalf of the LPM eLawyering Task Force.

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