Modelling Legal Cases and Legal Rules: Workshop @ JURIX 2010

The accepted papers for the JURIX 2010 Workshop on Modelling Legal Cases and Legal Rules, to be held 15 December 2010 at the University of Liverpool in Liverpool, England, UK, have been announced by Dr. Adam Wyner of the University of Leeds Centre for Digital Citizenship:

  • Steven Van Driel and Henry Prakken, Visualising the Argumentation Structure of an Expert Witness Report with Rationale (long)
  • Tom Gordon, Analyzing Open Source License Compatibility Issues with Carneades (long)
  • Martyn Lloyd-Kelly and Adam Wyner, Emotional Argumentation Schemes in Legal Cases (short)
  • Burkhard Schafer, Say “cheese”: Natural Kinds, Deontic Logic, and European Court of Justice Decision C-210/89 (long)
  • Anna Ronkainen, Mosong, a Fuzzy Logic Model of Trade Mark Similarity (long)
  • Adam Wyner and Trevor Bench-Capon, Visualising Legal Case-based Reasoning Argumentation Schemes (long)

For more information, please see Dr. Wyner’s post announcing these papers, the workshop call for papers, or the JURIX 2010 Website.

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