Call for Papers: CIKM 2011

A call for papers has been issued for CIKM 2011: The 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, to be held 24-28 October 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Dr. Peter Jackson of Thomson Reuters is scheduled to speak at the conference’s Industry Event.

Here are the submission deadlines:

  • Workshop Proposals Due: March 28, 2011;
  • Tutorial Proposals Due: April 26, 2011;
  • Full Papers: Abstracts Due: May 17, 2011;
  • Full Papers: Complete Papers Due: May 24, 2011;
  • Posters Due: May 30, 2011;
  • Demonstration Papers Due: June 26, 2011;
  • Workshop Papers Due: June 29, 2011.

Papers are invited on the following topics:


  • Access methods and indexing
  • Authorization, data privacy and security
  • Concurrency control and recovery
  • Data quality, provenance, adaptability and reusability
  • Data exchange, integration, evolution and migration
  • Database languages and models (e.g., fuzzy data, probabilistic databases, meta-data management)
  • Domain-specific databases (multi-media, scientific, spatial, temporal, text)
  • Dynamic aspects of databases (updates, views, real-time data, sensor data, active databases, data streams)
  • Mobile, parallel and distributed data management (including cloud computing)
  • Novel/advanced applications
  • Query processing, optimization and performance
  • Semantic Web and ontologies
  • Semi-structured data processing, XML filtering and routing
  • String databases, blogs and social search
  • Systems, platforms, middleware and experiences
  • Workflow, Web services and Web Service Composition

Information Retrieval

  • Aggregated search, Enterprise search, Desktop search
  • Personalised and collaborative search
  • Cross-language retrieval, Multilingual retrieval, Machine translation for IR
  • Distributed IR, Peer to peer IR
  • Domain-specific IR: genomic, legal, mobile, patents, …
  • Evaluation, Test collections, Crowdsourcing for IR evaluation
  • Foundations of IR: Theory, Formal models
  • HCIR, User Interfaces, Interactive IR, User models, User studies
  • Language technologies for IR (NLP, IE, Summarization, QA, …)
  • Machine Learning for IR
  • Multimedia IR: audio, speech, image, video, and cross-media
  • Semi-structured information retrieval, Semantic search
  • System Architectures, Scalability and Efficiency
  • Web IR and Social media search
  • Other topics related to IR (Adverserial IR, Advertising, Privacy, Text Mining, etc.)

Knowledge Management

  • Advertising and optimization
  • Classification and clustering
  • Data pre- and post-processing
  • Domain-specific and cross-domain knowledge management
  • Evaluation measures, methods and frameworks
  • Information Extraction
  • Information Filtering and Recommender Systems
  • Knowledge and privacy (e.g., privacy-preserving data publishing and mining)
  • Knowledge synthesis and visualization
  • Large-scale statistical techniques
  • Link and graph Mining
  • Mining the usage, consumption and production of resources
  • Semantic techniques
  • Temporal, Spatial and Ubiquitous Data Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Web and Social Knowledge Management

Industry Research Track

  • Industrial Practice and Experience
  • Technology for Developing Regions

For more information, please see the call for papers.

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