Kirchberger on Legal Information as a Tool

Christine Kirchberger, Esq., LL.M., M.L.I.T., junior lecturer and doctoral candidate at Stockholm University Department of Law‘s Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI), has made available the abstract of her dissertation in progress, entitled Legal Information as a Tool. Here is the abstract:

“The doctoral project deals with legal information as a tool and in
particular the effect of technical developments on legal information retrieval, legal theory and the doctrine of legal sources. By evaluating
existing models of legal interpretation and legal working processes
questions such as the growing amount of sources, both for information
in general and in a legal sense, the utilisation of technical tools for legal
information retrieval, the term legal information and the correlation
between technique and efficiency in searching will be discussed.”

Professor Kirchberger discusses many of the issues raised in her dissertation in a recent blogpost at VoxPopuLII, entitled If the Mountain Will Not Come to the Prophet, the Prophet Will Go to the Mountain.

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