Tian & Chao on Chinese Piracy of U.S. IP

Professor Dexin Tian of the Louisiana State University at Alexandria Department of Arts, English and Humanities, and Professor Chin-Chung Chao of the University of Nebraska at Omaha School of Communication, have published Talking with Copyright Holders and Pirates: Grass Roots Voices Concerning Chinese Copyright Piracy of U.S. IP Products, 2009(2) Journal of Information, Law & Technology (JILT). Here is the abstract:

“Through a thematic analysis of 45 in-depth interviews via the theoretical frameworks of the theory of reasoned action and culture change, this study explores the grass roots voices concerning Chinese copyright piracy of U.S. IP products in China. The study found that both the U.S. neglect of the Chinese historical heritage in terms of IPR protection and the traditional Chinese conceptions of private property account for the rampant copyright piracy in China. As the solutions to the issue, readjusted U.S. IPR policies and flexible IP product prices, sufficient media supervision and public education in China, and effective enforcement of IPR laws are suggested.”

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