Call for Papers: Special Issue of EJC on “Learning from the Global Financial Crisis”

A call for papers, with submission deadline of 31 March 2010, has been issued for a special issue of Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue electronique de communication, on the theme “Learning from the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis,” to be published in 2011.

Papers are invited on communication or information technology respecting law and regulation related to the crisis.

“Lessons are to be learned [from the crisis] in the areas of government regulation and oversight; corporate governance and social responsibility; public relations and crisis communication; traditional and new media reporting; stakeholder communication; communication ethics; and organizational systems, culture, and strategy. Examining the role of communication in the production of and responses to these events can yield valuable insights for theory and for future practices. Communication theory and research offer particularly relevant resources for reflexive engagement with the origins and consequences of the global financial crisis, and for envisioning productive responses. Proposals engaging with any of the following themes, or other relevant themes, are welcomed:

  • “Autopoiesis and self-organizing systems
  • Communication as a constitutive process
  • Critical approaches
  • Globalization perspectives
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Organizational democracy
  • Organizational sensemaking and learning
  • Regulation, law, and policy
  • Representation and framing in traditional and new media
  • Rhetorical and discourse-analytical approaches
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Systems approaches”

For more information, please see the call for papers.

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