TrustVWs 2009 Papers

This post links to papers presented at TrustVWs 2009: Virtual Worlds: Trust, Security, Rule of Law, a workshop held 9 December 2009 in Venice, Italy, in conjunction with UCMedia 2009: The 1st International ICST Conference on User Centric Media. Respecting the legal informatics papers delivered at the workshop, here are abstracts with links to the full text:

  • Overview of the Legal Issues in Virtual Worlds, by Prof. Gerald Spindler, Katharina Anton and Jan Wehage;
    • ABSTRACT: “The following paper contains a summary and brief assessment of the legal problems that may arise in virtual worlds. The results presented herein were gained during the legal research in order to establish a virtual world platform named VirtualLife. Virtual Life is an FP7 ICT research project conveyed by the EU. The project aims to provide an immersive and secure environment, combining a high quality 3D virtual experience with the trustiness of a secure communication infrastructure based on a peer-to-peer architecture. The paper cannot provide a comprehensive solution to all problems, but has to be seen as a basic overview of the legal aspects of virtual worlds. The ultimate answer to any legal problem will hinge on the exact scenario and therefore be subject to the law of the individually competent legal system and the deciding court.”
  • Virtual Persons + Virtual Goods = Real Problems, by Kai Erenli;
    • ABSTRACT: “Virtual Worlds have become serious business models and thus gained the attention of law professionals. The legal problems arising out of Virtual Worlds have started a discussion which will be summarized in this article. Moreover arguments will be delivered which can be used to protect users of those Virtual Realities.”
  • Transforming Legal Rules into Online Virtual World Rules: A Case Study in the VirtualLife Platform, by Prof. Vytautas Čyras.
    • ABSTRACT: “The paper addresses the implementation of legal rules in online virtual world software. The development is performed within a peer-to-peer virtual world platform in the frame of the FP7 VirtualLife project. The goal of the project is to create a serious, secure and legally ruled collaboration environment. The novelty of the platform is an in-world legal framework, which is real world compliant. The approach ‘From rules in law to rules in artifact’ is followed. The development accords with the conception ‘Code is law’ advocated by Lawrence Lessig. The approach implies the transformation of legal rules (that are formulated in a natural language) into machine-readable format. Such a transformation can be viewed as a kind of translation. Automating the translation requires human expert abilities. This is needed in both the interpretation of legal rules and legal knowledge representation.”

To see other papers delivered at the conference, click here (and then click on “List All”).

HT Prof. Vytautas Čyras.

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