Arnaudo, Cognitive Law: An Introduction

Luca Arnaudo of the Italian Competition Authority and LUISS Guido Carli, has posted Cognitive Law: An Introduction on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

“Over the past decades cognitive neuroscience has achieved major results in better understanding the neural basis of human behavior. Economics has been the first social science interested and able in using some of these results for its own purposes, mainly because of the renewed interest towards psychology fostered by behavioral economics researches. Even with some delay, also law studies are now showing a growing interest towards these researches. The essay first reviews the major facts of this process, then supports new applications of cognitive neuroscience researches to law, together with the proposal of a new definition for such field of researches. Finally, the essay focuses on possible improvements of legal drafting and of the application of legislative and statutory provisions in the light of a better knowledge of reactions to said provisions under a cognitive-behavioral profile, also by means of practical experiments.”

HT Law & Neuroscience Blog.

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