Randle on Legal Publishing in the Caribbean

Ian Randle, of Ian Randle Publishers, has published Swimming Against the Tide: The Challenge of Legal Publishing in the English Speaking Caribbean, 37 International Journal of Legal Information 204-209, Issue no. 2, Article no. 8 (2009).

The article offers a history of legal publishing in the anglophone Caribbean, with an emphasis on Mr. Randle’s Caribbean Law Publishing Company. The author contends that Caribbean lawyers’ and judges’ preference for UK- published legal materials inhibits the development of the Caribbean legal publishing industry. The article includes only a brief and superficial discussion of digital legal publishing, which does not mention online legal publishing by government entities — such as The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago and Bermuda Laws Online — or by free access to law services, such as CommonLII.

One might compare Mr. Randle’s article with Pierre-Paul Lemyre’s account of the effect of the availability of free-of-charge access to law online on users of legal information in the Pacific Islands.

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