SPLeT 2010: Proceedings Available

The proceedings have been posted for SPLeT 2010: The 3rd Workshop on Semantic Processing of Legal Texts, to be held 23 May 2010 in Malta.

Click here for abstracts of the papers.

The workshop is part of LREC 2010: The 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation.

Click here for the workshop program.

Here is the program:

14:30-14:45 Welcome and introduction

A Description Language for Content Zones of German Court Decisions
Florian Kuhn

Controlling the language of statutes and regulations for semantic processing
Stefan Hoefler and Alexandra Bünzli

Named entity recognition in the legal domain for ontology population
Mírian Bruckschen, Caio Northfleet, Douglas da Silva, Paulo Bridi, Roger Granada, Renata Vieira, Prasad Rao and Tomas Sander

Coffee break

Legal Claim Identification: Information Extraction with Hierarchically Labeled Data
Mihai Surdeanu, Ramesh Nallapati and Christopher Manning

On the Extraction of Decisions and Contributions from Summaries of French Legal IT Contract Cases
Manuel Maarek

Towards Annotating and Extracting Textual Legal Case Factors
Adam Wyner and Wim Peters

Legal Rules Learning based on a Semantic Model for Legislation
Enrico Francesconi

HT Dr. Simonetta Montemagni.

[This post last updated 23 May 2010.]

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