Hoefler & Bünzli on Controlling the Language of Statutes and Regulations for Semantic Processing

Dr. Stefan Hoefler and Alexandra Bünzli, both of Universität Zürich Institut für Computerlinguistik, will present a paper entitled Controlling the Language of Statutes and Regulations for Semantic Processing (for the full text of the paper, click here for the conference proceedings in PDF and scroll down to the page numbered 8 ) at SPLeT 2010: The 3rd Workshop on Semantic Processing of Legal Texts, to be held 23 May 2010 in Malta.

The workshop is part of LREC 2010: The 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation.

Here is the abstract of the paper:

Controlled Legal German (CLG) is a subset of legal German specifically designed to facilitate the semantic processing of Swiss statutes and regulations. In this paper, we describe the strategies CLG employs to reduce ambiguity and underspecification in such texts, and the methods it uses to maintain proximity to conventional legal language. The presented discussion suggests that, if existing synergies are properly exploited, the concept of controlled natural language can be of benefit to the semantic processing of legal texts as well as to
legislative drafting.

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