CALICon 2010 Unconference, 23 June 2010

An unconference / preconference / hackathon for law librarians, legal information providers, and legal IT personnel, on the topic of digital legal information in the law school context, will be held 23 June 2010 at The Rutgers-Camden School of Law, in Camden, New Jersey, USA. The event is being held in connection with CALICon 2010: The 20th Annual Conference on Law School Computing.

The unconference description reads:

Technological advancements in the past twenty years have radically changed the way librarians, IT departments and legal information providers create and accomplish their services. In adapting to an electronic environment, libraries and librarians have often been on the cutting edge in using electronic tools in the area of reference and public outreach. However, with respect to the acquisition, maintenance and distribution of electronic legal information, the library community has been reacting to the innovations of others.

This unconference is intended to be an exploration of how librarians can re-conceive and re-implement their role in world where legal content is being both created and distributed electronically. The legal information provider and IT communities are also invited. It is hoped that by getting the various pieces of the information distribution chain in one room, we can all figure out the best ways to work together in the future.

Click here to sign up.

Click here to submit proposed topics.

For more information, please see the unconference Website.

HT John Joergensen.

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