New on VoxPopuLII: Sheridan on

John Sheridan, Head of e-Services and Strategy at The [UK] National Archives, has posted, on the VoxPopuLII Blog, published by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School.

In his post, Mr. Sheridan describes the origins and functionality of, the innovative new official legislative information system for the United Kingdom.

Mr. Sheridan offers an account of the user research that gave rise to that research showed that users frequently did not understand the currency or status of the legislation they accessed online. These findings led Mr. Sheridan and his team to develop a new system that employs visualizations and other tools to make clear to users whether the legislation they are viewing is in force and is the most current version available. Mr. Sheridan and his team also created a point-in-time legislative information system, which allows users to view how a statutory provision appeared at a given chronological moment.

Mr. Sheridan’s post then explores the innovative technology that powers, including:

Mr. Sheridan demonstrates how stakeholders — such as the UK’s Electronic Service Delivery system — are beginning to build on’s technology, by extracting valuable data from statutes, and developing new, Linked-Data-based information systems with it.

In his post, Mr. Sheridan welcomes feedback from readers about such issues as compatibility with standards — including CEN MetaLex, OAI-PMH, and URN:LEX — and the use of RDF to represent complex attributes of legislation.

Mr. Sheridan concludes by inviting members of the private and public sectors and of civil society to explore and to use its data in innovative ways.

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  1. legalinformatics says:

    Lots of Twitter discussion of @johnlsheridan ‘s great VoxPopuLII post re:

  2. legalinformatics says:

    RT @digiphile Linked #opendata is opening 800 years of UK legal info My new podcast w/@JohnLSheridan

  3. legalinformatics says:

    Review of by @bjh_ip

  4. Review of by @shane_oneill

  5. Review of, by @nickholmes

  6. Slides of presentation: “ and the discovery phase,” by Rebecca Gill, at Teacamp, 5 December 2013:

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