IndianKanoon Founder Honored as a Top Innovator by MIT Technology Review

Dr. Sushant Sinha, creator of the free access to law service IndianKanoon, has been honored as one of India’s 18 top innovators, by MIT’s Technology Review, according to a post at

Click here, then click to slide number 18, to see the article.

The article states:

[Indian Kanoon] has been designed to provide the most relevant Indian laws and court judgments in response to a query. It enables people to quickly determine the standing law of the land on any issue and empowers them to seek justice.

The website has gained quick attention and is used by roughly half a million unique visitors and has more than two million page views every month.

With dual degree in computer science and engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and PhD in the same discipline from University of Michigan, Sinha felt the need to generate awareness of laws among the citizens of India. In May 2007, he started developing the portal and finally launched it on 4 January 2008.

“Even when laws empower citizens in a large number of ways, a significant fraction of the population is completely ignorant of their rights and privileges. As a result, common people are afraid of going to the police and rarely go to court to seek justice. People continue to live under the fear of unknown laws and a corrupt police. I started the project as a way to enrich court judgments by linking them with laws and other references. The linking turned out to be so useful that I started building a search engine for Indian law. Indian Kanoon makes it simpler for people to access information on any law or judgment,” explains Sinha. […]

Presently the Indian Kanoon hosts over 1.2 million documents. It is integrated with the Supreme Court of India, 22 High Courts, and 17 Tribunals to provide a real-time fresh judgments to the users. Sinha is now working on integrating the online channel further with all state laws and with different rules formed by government agencies. […]

For more information, please see the article.

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2 Responses to IndianKanoon Founder Honored as a Top Innovator by MIT Technology Review

  1. legalinformatics says:

    Nice write up of free law innovator @sushantsinha ‘s MIT Tech Rev Innovators Award, by U Mich EE & CS Department

  2. Prem Parkash Kumar says:

    Dear Sushant,
    I am practising as an Advocate at Mumbai in India. I did not have adequate means to subscribe to all the legal journals to access information. Very recently by a quirk of fate, this site opened before me and Lo !! I was exposed to a world which I had been desepately trying to contact.
    You have given me an idea to serve the mankind. I undertake to serve the needy and the poor.
    With warm regards,
    Yours truly,
    Advocate Prem Parkash Kumar

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