Updated as of July 2011: Legal Informatics Conference Calendar

[NOTE: Updated 22 August 2011 to reflect new URLs.]

The legal informatics conference calendar has now been updated.

The calendar lists primarily scholarly conferences that focus on legal information systems, or that are known to welcome papers on legal information systems.

Click here for a list of events just added to the calendar.

If you know of events or other information that should be on the calendar but are not; or if you spot errors in the calendar, I’d be grateful if you would please share that information in the comments to this post.

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11 Responses to Updated as of July 2011: Legal Informatics Conference Calendar

  1. legalinformatics says:

    APSA 2011: Am Political Sci Assn Ann Mtg http://bit.ly/roDXZQ Sep 1-4 Seattle

  2. legalinformatics says:

    Sep 16 CfP deadline: RSA 2012: Conf of Rhetoric Socy of Am http://bit.ly/1adce7 May 25-28 Philadelphia

  3. legalinformatics says:

    Changed dates: CONIP 2011 – 17º Congresso de Informática e Inovação na Gestão Pública, Centro de Convenções Sul América, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 17 e 18 de Novembro de 2011;
    CONIP Judiciário – 6º Congresso de Inovação no Poder JudiciárioCentro de Eventos e Convenções Brasil 21, Brasília, DF, 07 e 08 de Dezembro de 2011

  4. legalinformatics says:

    July 25 UniversalCitation.org http://bit.ly/iYtb37 org meeting, Rutgers Camden ; background: http://bit.ly/jV25wR http://bit.ly/jguJ5A

  5. legalinformatics says:

    Sep 11 wkshop/tutorial submission deadline, Oct 2 CfP deadline: ECIR 2012: Eur Conf on Info Retrieval http://bit.ly/riDV7r Apr 1-5 Barcelona

  6. legalinformatics says:

    IR 12.0: The 2011 Internet Research Conference: Annual Conf of Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), http://ir12.aoir.org/ Oct 10-13 Seattle

  7. legalinformatics says:

    Nov 3-4 Conf on Privacy & Public Access to Court Records http://bit.ly/rfgyn9 Williamsburg VA @StateCourts @NCSCNewMedia

  8. legalinformatics says:

    Sep 15 CfP deadline: FTVI/FTRI2012: Fachtagung Verwaltungsinformatik & Fachtagung Rechtsinfrmtk http://www.ftvi.de/ Mar 14-16

  9. legalinformatics says:

    Sep 30 CfP deadline: FTRI 2011: Fachtagung Rechtsinformatik http://bit.ly/qEwdOb Dec 14 Vienna

  10. legalinformatics says:

    Aug 3 extended CfP deadline: IDCC11: Int’l Digital Curation Conf http://t.co/npiEQtg Dec 5-7 Bristol

  11. legalinformatics says:

    Oct 21 CfP deadline: ACM DEV 2012: ACM Symp on Computing for Development http://bit.ly/qLJZaY Mar 10-11 Atlanta cc: @SMSLegal #ict4d

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