Appleby: Toward Automating Complex Legislation Updates

Paul Appleby of TSO has posted Toward Automating Complex Legislation Updates, on TSO’s OpenUp blog.

In this post, Mr. Appleby describes TSO‘s recent work for the UK National Archives, respecting “updating the system for consolidation of legislation,” which involves

For this project, TSO is using its Data Enrichment Service (DES) technology. Mr. Appleby explains that “the DES provides a platform to execute GATE pipelines. A GATE pipeline is a series of processing steps, with each step doing something to the text, with the end result being additional value extracted from the text.”

According to the post, “[i]n addition to returning the changes contained within each item of legislation, the [described] …process also returns the original legislation XML with additional annotations. These additional annotations should then permit enhanced outputs, such as additional links on the website.”

Mr. Appleby’s post provides details about the process, screenshots, and some HTML output.

For more information, please see the complete post.

For more information about the technology underlying, please see John Sheridan’s VoxPopuLII post entitled

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