Audio and Slides Available: Gastil on Deliberative Innovations in India, Brazil, Canada, and the United States

Audio and slides are now available for Professor Dr. John Gastil‘s lecture entitled Four Glimpses of Democracy’s Future: Deliberative Innovations in India, Brazil, Canada, and the United States, given on 2 February 2012, at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Here is the abstract of the presentation:

While more nations across the globe move toward democratic elections, countries with long histories of electoral democracy now strive to make their systems more deliberative. We welcome you to learn about four of the boldest and most influential innovations in deliberative democracy, each of which finds ways of bringing citizens’ voices more directly into public policy debates by connecting small face-to-face deliberation with larger mass political events. Discover democracy’s widening reach, strengthening citizens’ participation in the public democratic system.

The deliberative democracy processes described include one for drafting legislation and one for evaluating proposed legislation.

The lecture was hosted by the Centre for Public Involvement.

The lecture was offered as part of the University of Alberta’s International Week, on the theme of Living Democracy: Citizen Power in a Digital Age.

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