Jaquith Launches Virginia Decoded, Free and Open Web Service for Virginia Statutes and Court Decisions

Waldo Jaquith of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center has launched Virginia Decoded, his free, open, and user-friendly version of Virginia state statutes and court decisions.

Click here to see what people are saying about Virginia Decoded on Twitter.

According to the site’s welcome message:

Virginia Decoded provides Code of Virginia on one friendly website. Court decisions, legislation past and present, inline definitions, a modern API, and all of the niceties of modern website design. It’s like the expensive software lawyers use, but free and wonderful.

This is a public beta test of Virginia Decoded, which is to say that everything is under development.

According to Virginia Decoded’s “About” page:

The application programming interface for Virginia Decoded is currently in alpha testing. If you are interested in trying it out, please contact Waldo.

Virginia Decoded is the first public installation of Waldo’s The State Decoded open legislative data platform, developed with partial funding by a Knight Foundation media innovation award.

Click here for Simon Fodden’s post about Virginia Decoded, at Slaw.ca, the Canadian legal blog.

Click here for Andrew Phelps’s post about Virginia Decoded at the Nieman Journalism Lab blog.

To learn more about Waldo’s The State Decoded system, please see this 2011 interview with Waldo at Legal Informatics Blog.

Please join me in congratulating Waldo!

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5 Responses to Jaquith Launches Virginia Decoded, Free and Open Web Service for Virginia Statutes and Court Decisions

  1. legalinformatics says:

    RT @waldojaquith New Virginia Decoded bulk download data: CSV downloads of the code’s structure (titles, chapters, and sections). http://vacode.org/downloads/

  2. legalinformatics says:

    RT @waldojaquith Those embedded definitions in Virginia Decoded? You can download all of them as CSV. http://vacode.org/downloads/

  3. legalinformatics says:

    RT @StateDecoded Looking to deploy the State Decoded codebase yourself? Here’s the roadmap for releasing the source. http://bit.ly/yaNo5a

  4. legalinformatics says:

    RT @StateDecoded Are you a coder? Follow the State Decoded on Github! https://github.com/waldoj/statedecoded

  5. legalinformatics says:

    .@computational ‘s new post re: @waldojaquith ‘s Virginia Decoded: The Code of Virginia for Humans {49 States to Go} http://bit.ly/yK6eGu

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