Prebble and Caldwell: Zotero – A Manual for Electronic Legal Referencing

Professor Dr. John Prebble and Julia Caldwell of Victoria University Wellington Faculty of Law have published Zotero – A Manual for Electronic Legal Referencing (2012) (Victoria University Wellington Legal Research Paper no. 18/2012). Here is the abstract:

This manual explains how to operate Zotero.

Zotero is a free, open-source referencing tool that operates by “enter once, use many”. It captures references by one-click acquisition from databases of legal materials that cooperate with it. Users enter other references manually, with similar effort to typing a footnote.

Zotero’s chief strength is multi-style flexibility. Authors build libraries of references that are pasted into scholarly work with one click; authors can choose between legal referencing styles, with Zotero automatically formatting references according to the chosen style. Ability to format seamlessly across a potentially unlimited number of styles distinguishes Zotero from competing referencing tools. Zotero afficionados regularly add more styles.

The present manual is thought to be the only full manual for non-technical users of Zotero. It employs the New Zealand referencing style for examples, but its principles are the same for all styles.

The manual is licensed under a Modified Creative Commons Copyright Licence.

For more information on Zotero for law, please see Frank Bennett‘s Citation Stylist site, and his VoxPopuLII post: CSL, Metadata, and Legal Information that Just Works.

HT @freemoth.

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