Call for Papers: Special Issue of AI and Law on Modelling Policy-making

A call for papers — with submission deadline of 28 May 2012 — has been issued for a special issue of the journal Artificial Intelligence and Law, on the topic: “Modelling Policy-making”.

Here is information about the content of articles:

The editors invite submissions of original research about the application of ICT and Computer Science to the first three phases of the policy cycle – agenda setting, policy analysis, and lawmaking. The research should seek to address the gap noted above. The journal volume focusses particularly on using and integrating a range of subcomponents – information extraction, text processing, representation, modelling, simulation, reasoning, and argument – to provide policy making tools to the public and public administrators. While submissions about tool development and practice are welcome, the editors particularly encourage submission of articles that address formal, conceptual, and/or computational issues. Some specific topics within the theme are:

  • information extraction from natural language text
  • policy ontologies
  • formal logical representations of policies
  • transformations from policy language to executable policy rules
  • argumentation about policy proposals
  • web-based tools that support participatory policy-making
  • tools for increasing public understanding of arguments behind policy decisions
  • visualising policies and arguments about policies
  • computational models of policies and arguments about policies
  • integration tools
  • multi-agent policy simulations

The editors of the special issue are:

For more information, please see the call.

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