Gorham on State Courts, E-Filing, and Diffusion of Innovation

Ursula Gorham, JD, MLS, MPM, of the University of Maryland College of Information Studies, will present a paper entitled State Courts, E-Filing, and Diffusion of Innovation, at dg.o 2012: The 13th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, to be held 4-7 June 2012 at the University of Maryland, College Park, in College Park, Maryland, USA.

Here is the abstract:

Despite the widely touted benefits of electronic filing (“e-filing”), state courts continue to lag behind their federal counterparts and remain at various stages of evaluation, development, and implementation of e-filing systems. A number of reasons for lack of progress – e.g., concerns regarding privacy, limited funding, the judiciary’s lack of awareness of the benefits of e-filing – have been suggested. This paper, building upon these suggestions, proposes a framework of analysis based upon a theory of innovation and diffusion, seeking to identify those factors that contribute to state courts’ adoption of e-filing. The proposed framework of analysis is one avenue for exploring the underlying reasons for sluggish progress in this area, and this exploration will pave the way for a more comprehensive assessment of state courts’ current e-filing initiatives, the challenges that state courts face as they transition to e-filing, and the policies that can be adopted to overcome these challenges.

For the full text of the paper, please contact the author.

Thanks to Ms. Gorham for granting permission to post the abstract.

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