TREC Legal Track 2012 Canceled

The TREC Legal Track 2012 has been canceled, according to an email message from the TREC 2012 Legal Track Coordinators sent on 10 May 2012 to the track’s listserv.

The TREC Legal Track is a major legal information retrieval conference. Its findings have contributed substantially to research respecting electronic discovery (ediscovery).

According to the message, a new data set — a large corpus of email messages — originally intended to have been the subject of the 2012 TREC Legal Track, will be available soon at the TREC Legal Track Website, along with information about research in connection with that data set.

Click here for earlier posts about the TREC Legal Track.

Click here for proceedings of previous years of the TREC Legal Track, contained in the general TREC proceedings.

Click here for published papers that report results of research involving data used in connection with TREC Legal Track.

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One Response to TREC Legal Track 2012 Canceled

  1. legalinformatics says:

    RT @ronfriedmann Law Technology News – News – TREC Document Review Project on Hiatus, Recommind Asked to Withdraw

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