Abraham, Gabbay, and Schild on Contrary-to-time Conditionals in Talmudic Legal Logic

M. Abraham, Professor Dr. Dov M. Gabbay of King’s College London Department of Computer Science, and Professor Dr. Uri J. Schild of Bar Ilan University Department of Computer Science, have published Contrary-to-time Conditionals in Talmudic Logic, forthcoming in Artificial Intelligence and Law. Here is the abstract:

We consider conditionals of the form A ⇒ B where A depends on the future and B on the present and past. We examine models for such conditionals arising in Talmudic legal cases. We call such conditionals contrary to time conditionals.

Three main aspects will be investigated:

1. Inverse causality from future to past, where a future condition can influence a legal event in the past (this is a man-made causality).

2. Comparison with similar features in modern law.

3. New types of temporal logics arising from modelling the Talmudic examples.

We shall see that we need a new temporal logic, which we call Talmudic temporal logic with linear open advancing future and parallel changing past, based on two parameters for time.

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