Resources About LawTechCamp London 2012

This post lists selected resources related to LawTechCamp London 2012 — “a BarCamp-style community UnConference for new media and technology enthusiasts and legal professionals” — held 29 June 2012 in London, England, UK.

Click here for the conference program.

Here is Twitter-related information about the event:

Here are posts and other resources about the event that I’ve been able to identify [please mention others in the comments]:

A notable characteristic of this event is that it gathers together in one place individuals from most of the different subgroups of the legal informatics community.

The event’s organizers include:

HT @reneeknake.

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33 Responses to Resources About LawTechCamp London 2012

  1. Spotted a few for you – will add more later. See esp Paul Maharg’s post, he doesn’t tweet much so easy to miss – with link to his slides.

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  3. legalinformatics says:

    RT @TheTimeBlawg @richards1000 My second post: to add to your Resources ‪#LawTechCampLondon‬

  4. legalinformatics says:

    RT @TheTimeBlawg @richards1000 Other posts are: + #LawTechCampLondon

  5. legalinformatics says:

    RT @ronfriedmann More for less”, liberalisation and technology: @RichardSusskind lays out vision of the future – @LegalFutures

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  7. Last one (I think) is a good one – format I use for wrap ups too

  8. legalinformatics says:

    Josh Blackman Presents at LawTechCamp London 2012 – Assisted Decision Making

  9. legalinformatics says:

    Renee Newman Knake: Technology and Untapped Markets in Law, a Pecha Kucha talk for LawTechCamp London

  10. legalinformatics says:

    Real Business Intelligence: Kicking the Machine

  11. legalinformatics says:

    Ann Priestly: #lawtechcamplondon 1: disruptive innovation?

  12. legalinformatics says:

    Legal 2.0: Stuff I might have said at LawTechCamp London.

  13. legalinformatics says:

    Ajaz Ahmed’s presentation described in Legal Futures: Freeserve founder says it will take non-lawyers to bring innovation to “hated” legal market

  14. legalinformatics says:

    LegalAware: my #lawtechcamplondon cloud

  15. legalinformatics says:

    LawSync : Law Tech Camp London 2012

  16. legalinformatics says:

    RT @legalfutures My new blog on #lawtechcamplondon: The next big thing

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  18. legalinformatics says:

    RT @colmmu Solicitors Journal review of #lawtechcamplondon

  19. legalinformatics says:

    New from Alastair Moyes : Challenging the speed of change; re: #lawtechcamplondon HT @TheTimeBlawg

  20. legalinformatics says:

    MT @colmmu Another blog post on #lawtechcamplondon, but this time by me:

  21. legalinformatics says:

    New from @monicangoyal : Challenges of Late Adoption presentation at #lawtechcamplondon

  22. legalinformatics says:

    Archived tweets from 30 June-4 July about #LawTechCampLondon 2012 are archived here in .csv format

  23. legalinformatics says:

    Joanna Goodman on #LawTechCampLondon HT @TheTimeBlawg

  24. legalinformatics says:

    New: @MonicaNGoyal reports on LawTechCamp London #lawtechcamplondon

  25. legalinformatics says:

    New from @chrisdaleoxford : Moving on the discussion & ways of presentation at LawtechCamp London #lawtechcamplondon

  26. legalinformatics says:

    New from @reneeknake : Recap of LawTechCamp London – renamed ReInvent Law London 2013 #lawtechcamplondon

  27. legalinformatics says:

    RT @reneeknake View Michele DeStefano’s slides from her #lawtechcamplondon talk Virtual Third Places, Making Room in the Law Market

  28. legalinformatics says:

    Pete Smith reports on Law Tech Camp London 2012 @LawSync #lawtechcamplondon

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  30. legalinformatics says:

    New from @annindk : #lawtechcamplondon: reinventing the law conference cc: @monicangoyal @computational @reneeknake

  31. legalinformatics says:

    Recent from @annindk : #lawtechcamplondon 2: data and the law HT @colmmu

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