Updated as of September 2012: Legal Informatics Conference Calendar

The legal informatics conference calendar has now been updated.

The calendar lists primarily scholarly conferences that focus on legal information systems, legal communication, legal/forensic linguistics, or egovernment (as applied to legal information), or that are known to welcome papers on those topics.

Click here for a list of events just added to the calendar.

If you know of events or other information that should be on the calendar but are not; or if you spot errors in the calendar, I’d be grateful if you would please share that information in the comments to this post.

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25 Responses to Updated as of September 2012: Legal Informatics Conference Calendar

  1. legalinformatics says:

    Dec 5 / 12 CfP deadline: ESWC 2013: Extended Semantic Web Conference http://2013.eswc-conferences.org/ May 26-30 Montpellier HT @patrickDurusau

  2. legalinformatics says:

    Feb 15 CfP deadline: MakeLearn 2013: Management, Knowledge and Learning International Conference http://makelearn.issbs.si/ Theme: “Active Citizenship by Knowledge Management & Innovation.” June 19-21 Zadar HT Benjamin Lesjak

  3. legalinformatics says:

    Oct 29 CfP deadline: IADIS e-Society 2013 Int’l Conf; includes e-Government topics http://bit.ly/PsHRVB Mar 13-16 Lisbon #egov

  4. legalinformatics says:

    Oct 12 CfP deadline: AAMAS 2013: Int’l Conf on Autonomous Agents & Multiagent Sys http://bit.ly/PNiyfq May 6-10 Saint Paul, MN

  5. legalinformatics says:

    .@computational says: “#ReInventLaw SiliconValley -Mar. 8, 2013 @ComputerHistMuseum” http://twitter.com/computational/statuses/249936486395416577

  6. legalinformatics says:

    October 15 call for presentation proposals deadline: ReInventLaw Dubai 2012 http://reinventlawdubai.com/

  7. legalinformatics says:

    Jan 18 CfP deadline: ICAIL 2013 http://icail2013.ittig.cnr.it/index.php/call

  8. legalinformatics says:

    Sept 28 application deadline: NSF-Funded Conf: Reconstituting Research in Access to Civil Justice http://bit.ly/SkJuas HT M Heise

  9. legalinformatics says:

    Oct 4 Stanford CodeX: Legal Tech Start-Up Showcase: Government, Citizenship & Privacy http://tinyurl.com/9s5a359

  10. legalinformatics says:

    Oct 19 deadline RT @judicialphil CFA: A Workshop on the Normative Implications of Empirical Research on Law and Courts (DL: 19.10) http://t.co/8s6kHZxU #Calls

  11. legalinformatics says:

    Dec 4 CfP deadline: LSA 2013: Law & Society Association Annual Meeting http://bit.ly/S6IM06 May 30-Jun 2 Boston

  12. legalinformatics says:

    .@legalresearchpl says: “Chinese and American Forum on Legal Information and Law Libraries (CAFLL) Conference scheduled for Shanghai from June 11-12, 2013” http://cafllnet.org/annual-conference/ http://legalresearchplus.com/2012/10/26/legal-information-institute-for-china/

  13. legalinformatics says:

    Dec 25 CfP deadline: Law Hack Camp legal hackathon Jan ’13 London http://bit.ly/SpfaeO #lawhackcamp @lawhackcamp #hackathon #legalhack #legalhacks HT @_millymoo @colmmu #legalhacking

  14. legalinformatics says:

    October 28th to November 2nd, 2012 RT @mpoblet Online Dispute Resolution #CyberWeek 2012″ kicks off today: http://t.co/F4RmubBx #ODR

  15. legalinformatics says:

    EuropeOne e-Government Conference http://bit.ly/VZoJp5 will include a session on e-Justice, 4 Dec, says Chariclia Olymbiou of organizing committee. Nicosia #egov #ejustice

  16. legalinformatics says:

    CodeX Speaker Series with Daniel Katz: Quantitative Legal Prediction – or – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Preparing for the Data Driven Future of the Legal Services Industry
    Sponsored by CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal Informatics

    CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal Informatics will host a presentation with Daniel Katz.

    Thursday, November 8, 2012
    Stanford Law School, Room 190


  17. legalinformatics says:

    MT @marclauritsen Speaking about Liberty, Justice, and Legal Automata at Stanford Law School on November 15 – http://bit.ly/QbIyXF

  18. legalinformatics says:

    Nov 25 CfP deadline: IIR 2013 Italian Information Retrieval Workshop http://bit.ly/SNgNnJ Jan. 16-17 Pisa. Invites papers on legal & patent info retrieval

  19. legalinformatics says:

    .@computational will present at Legal Futures Conference 2012: 19 November 2012 London http://www.legalfutures.co.uk/conference

  20. legalinformatics says:

    Nov 16 submission deadline. Event Dec 7. Chicago. RT @rzorza Important Call for Posters — Access to Justice Research Meeting http://wp.me/p1f0mB-11n

  21. legalinformatics says:

    RT @lawteaching Presentation proposals for ILTL June 7-9, 2013 summer conference, Hybrid Law Teaching, accepted through 2/1/2013. See http://t.co/2OlpWEbu

  22. legalinformatics says:

    RT @marciahofmann Submit proposals for the 2013 Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference until Dec. 15. http://bit.ly/Rl7HfE @cfpconf

  23. legalinformatics says:

    November 9 – 10, London, England
    Opening Government

    Re-Thinking Government, Re-Imagining Democracy http://www.openinggovernment.org/november-9-10-london-england/ #openinggov

    Planning Meeting for Potential MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Developing Collaborative Strategies for Tackling the World’s Hardest Problems

  24. Western Empirical Legal Studies (WELS) Conference 2013 at UCLA http://www.elsblog.org/the_empirical_legal_studi/2012/11/call-for-papers-2nd-annual-western-empirical-legal-studies-wels-conference-at-ucla.html

    Proposal Deadline: December 7, 2012.

    The UCLA School of Law Empirical Legal Scholars Association (ELSA) is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Western Empirical Legal Studies Conference, to be held at UCLA on March 2, 2013.

  25. Several CfP deadlines coming up for JURIX 2012 workshops: http://bit.ly/Qbr50v HT @LegalScholBlog

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