Legal Informatics Papers/Posters at ICEGOV 2012

Here are the legal informatics papers and posters (that I’ve been able to identify) to be presented at ICEGOV 2012: International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, being held 22-25 October 2012 at the University at Albany Center for Technology in Government, in Albany, New York, USA.

Click here for the conference program.

The Twitter hashtag for the conference is #icegov

[If you know of other legal informatics papers being given at the conference, please let us know about them in the comments to this post. For abstracts and full text, please contact the authors]:

  • Vasiliy Burov, Evgeny Patarakin, Boris Yarmakhov: A Crowdsourcing Model for Public Consultations on Draft Laws
  • Adriana Simeao Ferreira, Daniel Goncalves de Melo, Leondeniz Freitas: The Importance of Electronic Accessibility in Brazilian Juridical Electronic Process
  • Josiah Heidt, Jackeline Solivan: Regulation Room: Moving Towards Civic Participation 2.0
  • Kincho Law, Gloria Lau: REGNET: Regulatory Information Management, Compliance and Analysis
  • Fabro Steibel: Designing Online Deliberation Using Web 2.0 Technologies: Drafting a Bill of Law on Internet Regulation in Brazil
  • Siddharth Taduri, Gloria Lau, Kincho Law, Jay Kesan: A Patent System Ontology for Facilitating Retrieval of Patent Related Information
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    #icegov 2012 fulltext proceedings:

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