Sinha on Speed and Relevance Improvements to Indian Kanoon

Dr. Sushant Sinha of Indian Kanoon has posted Faster and More Relevant Kanoon!, at the Indian Kanoon forums.

He writes:

A new release of IndianKanoon brings in the following changes:
1. A new tiering function that slims down the top tier and significantly improves the time taken to execute a query.
2. A new ranking function to improve relevance.
3. Improved word matching and abbreviations. A search of “adm jabalpur” will match “additional district magistrate jabalpur”
4. New operators ANDD, ORR and NOTT that can be used with words
5. Clicking on a document after a search query shows the contexts in the document in which the query appears.
6. Performance improvements coming from upgrade to Postgresql 9.2

For more information or to provide comments, please see the complete post.

HT @sushantsinha

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