Awad et al.: An Iterative Approach to Synthesize Business Process Templates from Compliance Rules

Professor Dr. Ahmed Awad of Cairo University Faculty of Computers and Information, and colleagues, have published An iterative approach to synthesize business process templates from compliance rules [paywalled version ; preprint version] forthcoming in Information Systems, 37(8), 714–736 (2012).

Here is the abstract:

Companies have to adhere to compliance requirements. The compliance analysis of business operations is typically a joint effort of business experts and compliance experts. Those experts need to create a common understanding of business processes to effectively conduct compliance management. In this paper, we present a technique that aims at supporting this process. We argue that process templates generated out of compliance requirements provide a basis for negotiation among business and compliance experts. We introduce a semi-automated and iterative approach to the synthesis of such process templates from compliance requirements expressed in Linear Temporal Logic (LTL). We show how generic constraints related to business process execution are incorporated and present criteria that point at underspecification. Further, we outline how such underspecification may be resolved to iteratively build up a complete specification. For the synthesis, we leverage existing work on process mining and process restructuring. However, our approach is not limited to the control-flow perspective, but also considers direct and indirect data-flow dependencies. Finally, we elaborate on the application of the derived process templates and present an implementation of our approach.

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