Goodenough and Purdom on Reimagining Legal Education

Professor Oliver Goodenough of Vermont Law School and Harvard’s Berkman Center Law Lab, and Assistant Dean Rebecca Purdom of Vermont Law School, have published Reimagining Legal Education, Huffington Post, 5 September 2012.


[…] We need to invent ways to realize the goals of modern [legal] education in the new [technological] modalities and forms on their own terms, uncoupled from the old structures of classroom, text, and homework. In the process, we will create new forms of pedagogy and new goals for learning that will connect our students with a richer, more nuanced, and increasingly capable understanding of the complicated world of 21st century law. […]

As an example the authors describe a law-school evidence course in which the content is delivered via an interactive computer game.

For more information, please see the complete post.

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