Andrighetto and Conte on Cognitive Dynamics of Norm Compliance

Dr. Giulia Andrighetto and Dr. Rosaria Conte, both of Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technology, CNR, have published Cognitive dynamics of norm compliance. From norm adoption to flexible automated conformity, forthcoming in Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Here is the abstract:

‘In this paper, an integrated, cognitive view of different mechanisms, reasons and pathways to norm compliance is presented. After a short introduction, theories of norm compliance are reviewed, and found to group in four main typologies: the rational choice model of norm compliance; theories based on conditional preferences to conformity, theories of thoughtless conformity, and theories of norm internalization. In the third section of the paper, the normative architecture EMIL-A is presented. Previous work discussed the epistemic module of this normative architecture, allowing for the generation of normative beliefs being formed. The fourth and fifth sections present the pragmatic modules of EMIL-A, i.e. norm adoption—leading to normative goals—and norm compliance—leading to their execution. Not only are several alternative reasons for norm adoption shown, but also several pathways to norm compliance are identified. Finally, a summary and ideas for future works conclude the paper.

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