Ninth Circuit Begins In-house Publishing of Its Decisions, with Summaries Written by Court Staff

The U.S. federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has issued a press release entitled Court Moves to In-House Publishing of Opinions.

The press release reads in part:

[…] Since early November, the court has been processing opinions in-house rather than contracting for that service from West Publishing. The change is expected to produce a substantial cost savings for the court.

Court staff now manage the process of converting opinions from the original word processing documents into Adobe PDF files, which are then uploaded onto the website, where they can be viewed and/or downloaded by the public. The opinions are formatted for optimal viewing on a tablet computing device. On a regular desktop or laptop computer screen, opinion text will initially appear oversized but can easily be redisplayed in normal size using the options available in the Adobe Reader software.

A more important change involves the addition of case summaries prepared by court staff. The summaries save time by allowing readers to quickly get the gist of a decision without having to search through the opinion itself. West previously produced the summaries, but for copyright reasons they could not be included with opinions made available online. […]

For more information please see the complete press release.

HT Gary Price at InfoDocket and Tim Hull at Courthouse News

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