Sheridan on Legislation as Data

John Sheridan of the National Archives gave a presentation entitled Legislation as Data, 25 January 2013, at the Open Data Institute in London.

Click here for the presentation slides.

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from the event, in .csv format.

The Twitter hashtag for the event was #odifridays

For posts about the presentation, please see the comments to this post.

HT @JeniT

[NOTE: Updated 31 January 2013 to add a link to the slides.]

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4 Responses to Sheridan on Legislation as Data

  1. RT @johnlsheridan @richards1000 I’m pretty sure @ODI_Ops will post both slides and audio! @kcorrick is on the case. Don’t expect *too* much though…

  2. new report on @johnlsheridan ‘s presentation, “Legislation as Data” by @indigotrust HT @JeniT #odifridays

  3. Slides of John Sheridan’s Open Data Institute presentation, “Legislation as Data” have been posted: (shortlink: )

    HT @kcorrick

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