Mill: Sunlight Foundation releases Congress API

Eric Mill of the Sunlight Foundation points us to Sunlight Congress API released yesterday.

Here is a description:

A live JSON API for the people and work of Congress, provided by the Sunlight Foundation.


Lots of features and data for members of Congress:

  • Look up legislators by location or by zip code.
  • Official Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts.
  • Committees and subcommittees in Congress, including memberships and rankings.

We also provide Congress’ daily work:

  • All introduced bills in the House and Senate, and what occurs to them (updated daily).
  • Full text search over bills, with powerful Lucene-based query syntax.
  • Real time notice of votes, floor activity, and committee hearings, and when bills are scheduled for debate.

All data is served in JSON, and requires a Sunlight API key. An API key is free to register and has no usage limits.

We have an API mailing list, and can be found on Twitter at @sunlightlabs. Bugs and feature requests can be made on Github Issues. […]

About the source of the bill data, Eric says:

it’s built on the work that GovTrack and Sunlight and others created, which ultimately comes from THOMAS.

He adds:

there’s a mix of other (documented) official sources too. One of the API’s purposes is to connect and de-silo information.

For more details, please see the Sunlight Congress API site.

For more information on the repository, which was co-developed by Eric, Dr. Joshua Tauberer of GovTrack, and Derek Willis of the New York Times, please see the post entitled New Congressional Data Available for Free Bulk Download: Bill Data 1973- , Members 1789-

HT @konklone

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