TREC Legal Track 2013 Reported Canceled

The 2013 TREC Legal Track has been cancelled “because of ongoing unspecified problems with the data set,” Evan Koblentz reports TREC Legal Track co-organizer Professor Dr. Gordon Cormack as having said after a 29 January 2013 panel at the Legal Tech New York conference, according to Koblentz’s article, “LegalTech Day One: Relativity 8, Statistical Sampling, Law Firm Security,” Law Technology News, 30 January 2013.

This would be the second consecutive year in which TREC Legal Track has been cancelled.

The TREC Legal Track is a major legal information retrieval conference. Its findings have contributed substantially to research respecting electronic discovery (ediscovery).

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Click here for published papers that report results of research involving data used in connection with TREC Legal Track.

HT @LawTechEvan

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One Response to TREC Legal Track 2013 Reported Canceled

  1. There never was a TREC 2013 Legal Track. It is inaccurate to say that it was “cancelled.” The TREC 2012 Legal Track was cancelled because the dataset was not ready. I have no knowledge of the current state of the dataset, as I am not involved in its creation.

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