Call for papers: RuleML 2013: International Web Rule Symposium

The call for papers has been issued for RuleML 2013: International Web Rule Symposium, to be held 11-13 July 2013 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Submission deadlines are 19 February for abstracts and 20 February for full papers.

Papers are invited on the following topics:

  • Rules and automated reasoning
  • Rule-based policies, reputation, and trust
  • Rule-based event processing and reaction rules
  • Rules and the web
  • Fuzzy rules and uncertainty
  • Logic programming and nonmonotonic reasoning
  • Non-classical logics and the web (e.g modal and epistemic logics)
  • Hybrid methods for combining rules and statistical machine learning techniques (e.g., conditional random fields, PSL)
  • Rule transformation, extraction, and learning
  • Vocabularies, ontologies, and business rules
  • Rule markup languages and rule interchange formats
  • Rule-based distributed/multi-agent systems
  • Rules, agents, and norms
  • Rule-based communication, dialogue, and argumentation models
  • Vocabularies and ontologies for pragmatic primitives (e.g. speech acts and deontic primitives)
  • Pragmatic web reasoning and distributed rule inference / rule execution
  • Rules in online market research and online marketing
  • Applications of rule technologies in health care and life sciences
  • Legal rules and legal reasoning
  • Industrial applications of rules
  • Controlled natural language for rule encoding (e.g. SBVR, ACE, CLCE)
  • Standards activities related to rules
  • General rule topics

For more details, please see the call.

LegalRuleML, a law-specific version of RuleML currently being developed by the OASIS LegalRuleML Technical Committee, will be discussed at the conference, and papers about LegalRuleML are welcome. Click here for slides of a tutorial about LegalRuleML.

HT Dr. Roland Vogl

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