Ossowski (ed.): Agreement Technologies

Springer has published an article collection entitled Agreement Technologies (2013), edited by Professor Dr. Sascha Ossowski of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

The book is volume 8 in the the Law, Governance and Technology Series.

Here are excerpts from the preface:

This book describes the state of the art in the emerging field of Agreement Technologies (AT). AT refer to computer systems in which autonomous software agents negotiate with one another, typically on behalf of humans, in order to come to mutually acceptable agreements. […]

The book was produced in the framework of [the EU-funded] COST Action IC0801 on Agreement Technologies.

This book […] is subdivided into seven parts.

  • Part I is dedicated to foundational issues of Agreement Technologies, examining the notion of agreement and agreement processes from different perspectives. […]
  • Part II outlines the relevance of novel approaches to Semantics and ontological alignments in distributed settings.
  • Part III gives an overview of approaches for modelling norms and normative systems, the simulation of their dynamics, and their
    impact on the other key areas of Agreement Technologies.
  • Part IV discusses how to design computational organisations, how to reason about them, and how organisational models can be evolved.
  • Part V gives an overview of current approaches to argumentation and negotiation, and how they can be used to inform human reasoning, as well as to assist machine reasoning.
  • Part VI describes different models and mechanisms of trust and reputation, and discusses their relevance for the other key areas of Agreement Technologies. […]
  • Part VII provides examples of how the techniques outlined in the previous parts of the book can be used to build distributed software applications that solve real-world problems.

Please notice that the parts are supported by a set of video-lectures that can be freely downloaded from the web.

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