30 Responses to 8 March: ReInventLaw Silicon Valley 2013 Conference

  1. Michael Bommarito has posted the slides of his presentation, “Law’s Future from Finance’s Past,” at http://bommaritollc.com/2013/03/08/slides-from-reinvent-law-silicon-valley-talk/

  2. new from @Innov8Social : Twitter Recap of #ReInventLaw Silicon Valley 2013 http://www.innov8social.com/2013/03/twitter-recap-of-reinventlaw-silicon.html

  3. At Legal Ethics Forum, Renee Newman Knake posted: Recap of MSU Law’s ReInvent Law Silicon Valley @ the Computer History Museum from Innov8social http://www.legalethicsforum.com/blog/2013/03/recap-of-msu-laws-reinvent-law-silicon-valley-the-computer-history-museum-from-innov8social.html

  4. Aric Press, “The Future of Law as Seen From Silicon Valley,” AmLaw Daily, http://www.americanlawyer.com/PubArticleALD.jsp?id=1202591626075

  5. Innovation in Legal – “The Future is Already Here, It is Just Not Evenly Distributed” (Slides by Professor Daniel Martin Katz – ReInventLaw Laboratory / MSU Law ) http://computationallegalstudies.com/2013/03/10/innovation-in-legal-the-future-is-already-here-it-is-just-not-evenly-distributed-slides-by-professor-daniel-martin-katz-reinventlaw-laboratory-msu-law/

  6. from Ron Friedmann: 5 ReInventLaw blog posts from Friday: http://bit.ly/btXxVV || Talks: @computational @EJWalters @Colangelolaw @Kingsley_Martin #LegalForce

  7. Stephanie Kimbro, slides of her ReInventLaw Silicon Valley presentation entitled, “What Is the Consumer Law Revolution?” http://virtuallawpractice.org/2013/03/slides-from-reinventlaw-conference/

  8. Rachel M. Zahorsky, “‘Law is broken.’ Will these legal tech gurus bring about change?” ABA Journal article about ReInventLaw Silicon Valley http://www.abajournal.com/lawscribbler/article/Law_is_broken_will_these_legal_tech_gurus-bring_about_change

  9. New from @lbridgesmith : Enough Pain?: Time to Reinvent Law. Includes comments on #ReInventLaw Silicon Valley Conf

  10. VQ: “New perspectives on the legal sector” includes comments on ReInventLaw Silicon Valley http://vqab.se/new-perspectives-on-the-legal-sector.aspx

  11. Sean McGrath has posted slides of his presentation at ReinventLaw Silicon Valley 2013: “Paperless Law and Paperless Legal Practice: Learning from the Bean Counters”: http://seanmcgrath.blogspot.com/2013/03/reinventlaw-silicon-valley-2013.html

  12. New from @computational : RoundUp of Coverage of ReInvent Law Silicon Valley 2013 – More Events Coming in 2013 and Beyond – Including ReInvent Law London + ReInvent Law New York http://computationallegalstudies.com/2013/03/12/roundup-of-coverage-of-reinvent-law-silicon-valley-2013-more-events-coming-in-2013-and-beyond-including-reinvent-law-london-reinvent-law-new-york/

  13. William Henderson, “ReInvent Law is a Really Big Deal,” including slides of his presentation, “A Clockworks Approach to Lawyer Development” http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/legalwhiteboard/2013/03/reinvent-law-is-a-really-big-deal.html

  14. Elmer Masters, “Reflections on #ReInventLaw and Some Thoughts on #ReInventLegalEdu” http://www.symphora.com/?p=7485

  15. New from State Bar of Michigan Blog: MSU’s #ReInvent Law Takes Message Of Change On The Road http://sbmblog.typepad.com/sbm-blog/2013/03/msus-reinvent-law-takes-message-of-change-on-the-road.html

  16. New from Michael Robak: Why ReInvent Law Was Not Just a ‘Preaching to the Choir” Conference http://www.geeklawblog.com/2013/03/why-reinvent-law-was-not-just-preaching.html

  17. Richard Granat has posted slides of his ReInventLaw Silicon Valley presentation, “Private Investment in U.S. Legal Services: New Business Models” http://www.slideshare.net/rgranat/private-investment-in-us-legal-services

  18. Professor Renee Newman Knake has posted slides of her presentation, “(Law)ntrepreneurship,” given at ReInvent Law Silicon Valley, March 2013. http://www.slideshare.net/reneeknake/knake-talk-on-lawntrepreneurship-re-invent-law-silicon-valley-march-2013

  19. Kingsley Martin has posted the transcript of his ReInventLaw Silicon Valley presentation: Reverse Engineering Legal Logic, Part II http://kmstandards.com/wpblog/index.php/2013/03/reverse-engineering-legal-logic-part-ii-transcript-of-reinvent-law-presentation/

  20. Legal IT Insider reports on Kingsley Martin’s ReInventLaw Silicon Valley presentation entitled “Watson JD: Breaking the Subjectivity Barrier” http://www.legaltechnology.com/events/breaking-the-subjectivity-barrier-at-reinventlaw/

  21. Reinvent law talk by LegalForce CEO Raj Abhyanker, founder of Trademarkia.com. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxiSlG2Lcmw

  22. Richard Granat wrote a pre-conference post: ReinventLaw Silicon Valley, March 1, 2013: http://www.elawyeringredux.com/2013/03/articles/elawyering-events/reinventlaw-silicon-valley/

  23. Richard Granat wrote a post elaborating on his ReInventLaw Silicon Valley presentation: Private Investment in US Legal Services http://www.elawyeringredux.com/2013/03/articles/competition/private-investment-in-us-legal-services/

  24. Adam Smith, Esq.: “ReInvent Law:” Real or Memorex? http://www.adamsmithesq.com/2013/03/reinvent-law-real-or-memorex/ ReInvent Law’s View of the World
    A quick survey to see how realistic you think ReInvent Law’s view of the world might be. http://limesurvey.jdmatch.com/index.php?sid=77342&lang=en

  25. http://reinventlawchannel.com ReInventLaw Channel is open: contains videos of talks at @ReInventLaw conferences. #reinventlaw HT @computational

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