Supreme Court Mapping Project @ University of Baltimore

Professor Colin Starger of the University of Baltimore School of Law tells us of The Supreme Court Mapping Project.

Here are excerpts of the description:

The SCOTUS Mapping Project has two distinct components:

Enhanced development of the Mapper software. This software enables users to create sophisticated interactive maps of Supreme Court doctrine by plotting relationships between majority, concurring and dissenting opinions. With the software, users can both visualize how different “lines” of Supreme Court opinions have evolved, and employ animation to make interactive presentations for audiences.

Building an extensive library of Supreme Court doctrinal maps. By highlighting the relationships between essential and influential Court opinions, these maps promote efficient learning and understanding of key doctrinal debates and can assist students, scholars, and practitioners alike. The library already includes maps of key regions of doctrine surrounding the Due Process Clause, the Commerce Clause, and the Fourth Amendment.

For more details, please see the project’s Website.

For examples of the output of the project, please see the papers linked in the post, Starger: Mapping Arguments in the U.S. Health Care Case.

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