Ferrara and Gaglioti: Law as a System of Proportions and Symmetries

Professor Dr. Massimiliano Ferrara of Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria – Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, and Angelo, Roberto Gaglioti of MEDAlics, have published Law as a System of Proportions and Symmetries, in Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Business and Economics (MCBE ’12), World Scientific Engineering Academy and Society, 13th-15th June, 2012 Enescu Academy, Iasi, Romania (pp. 136-140).

Here is the abstract:

This paper aims at describing the mathematical proportions and symmetries characterizing the notion of legal Order. Starting from a Middle-Age definition of jus, we try to analyze the real and personal components of a legal proportion within any legal inter-individual relation. Then we deal with legal causality link in any legal rule, introducing a symmetric model of causation, instead of the more traditional interpretation of legal causation as consecutio temporum. Proportion and Symmetry make order inside a legal System.

Click here for other papers describing Professor Ferrara and colleagues’ Mathematical Model of Law.

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