Legal Informatics Papers @ BILETA 2013

Several legal informatics papers are being presented at BILETA 2013: The 28th Annual Conference of the British and Irish Legal Educational Technology Association, being held 10-12 April 2013 in Liverpool, England, UK.

Click here for the conference program and abstracts.

The Twitter hashtag for the conference is #bileta13

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from the conference.

Here are the authors and titles of the legal informatics papers I was able to identify (click here for abstracts of these papers and other papers from the conference):

  • A. Leveringhaus and T. de Greef: Autonomous Robotic Weapons Systems: Protecting legal and moral responsibility via sound design
  • J. Lombard & L. O’Brien: The use of a legal ontology to support governance, risk and compliance in the financial services industry
  • P. Cortés: Recommendations for the Design of the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform
  • A. Alajaji: Electronic contracting: The EU and Saudi Arabia’s approaches
  • K. Rogers: Consent in the online environment – principles before form?
  • S. Woodhouse, M. Waite, J. Marshall: The development of pro-bono clinical legal assessment in response to intersecting agendas: legal aid, professionalisation, and evolving legal advice paradigms
  • A. Muntjewerff: Learning and Instruction in the Digital Age
  • F. Grealy, J. Bainbridge, P. Maharg, R. Mitchell, J. Mills, F. Grealy, R. O’Boyle & K. Counsell: iLEGALL (iPads and Legal Learning): mobile legal learning
  • S. Dempsey & R. O’Shea: Promoting Legal Fairness Through Data Analysis
  • C. Easton: MOOCs: Too Connected for Effective Interaction?
  • J. Marshall: Revisiting podcasting in the age of MOOCS – understanding student engagement with self-running learning resources in different educational contexts
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