April 26: CodeX FutureLaw 2013 Conference: Tweets and Resources

The CodeX FutureLaw 2013 Conference is being held 26 April 2013 at Stanford Law School, Stanford, California, USA.

The conference focuses ‘on how technology is changing the landscape of the legal profession and the law more broadly. The conference will bring together leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, investors and technologists that are experimenting and actively working to re-architect the future of the law. If you’re of a similar mind, we’d love to have you there.’

Click here for the conference program.

The Twitter hashtag for the conference is #futurelaw

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from the conference, in .csv format.

The conference Chair was Tim Hwang.

The legal informatics-oriented panels at the conference include:

  • Legal Disruption: Why Now? Why Here? What Next?
  • Computational Law and Contracts
  • Designing Legal Data
  • Open Source Legal Practice

Professor Dr. Daniel Martin Katz of Michigan State University and the ReInventLaw Lab will give the closing keynote address.

The conference is sponsored by CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.

Please see the comments to this post for additional resources related to the conference.

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6 Responses to April 26: CodeX FutureLaw 2013 Conference: Tweets and Resources

  1. new from @computational : slides of: The “MIT School of Law” – Keynote @Stanford CodeX FutureLaw Conference – (4/26/13)(V2.01): http://computationallegalstudies.com/2013/04/27/the-mit-school-of-law-keynote-presentation-stanford-codex-futurelaw-conference-42613v2-01/

  2. Tim Hwang, who organized the Stanford CodeX FutureLaw 2013 Conference, has posted his report on the conference: “The Stanford Consensus: Notes from FutureLaw,” at Robot Robot & Hwang: http://www.robotandhwang.com/2013/05/the-stanford-consensus-notes-from-futurelaw/ (shortlink: http://bit.ly/124ndQU )

    HT @Timhwang https://twitter.com/timhwang/status/330347943599165440

  3. new storify of CodeX FutureLaw 2013 Conference, with videos, tweets, & photos. HT @rolandvogl : http://storify.com/StanfordLaw/a-look-back-at-codex-futurelaw-2013

  4. Mark Michels of Deloitte has published a report on the Stanford CodeX FutureLaw 2013 Conference, in Law Technology News: http://www.law.com/jsp/lawtechnologynews/PubArticleLTN.jsp?id=1202598958451 (shortlink: http://bit.ly/ZQQ8Kb )

    The managers of BriefMine have also posted a report about the conference, on their blog: http://www.briefmine.com/blog/codex-futurelaw-conference-follow-up/ (shortlink: http://bit.ly/171Lqx5 )

  5. Neetal Parekh, Esq., has posted “8 Takeaways from Stanford Codex #FutureLaw 2013: The Big Picture” at Innov8Social: http://www.innov8social.com/2013/05/8-takeaways-from-stanford-codex.html (shortlink: http://bit.ly/10Gwe5V )

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