Bulk Access to Law-Related Linked Data: LC & VIAF Name Authority Records and LC Subject Authority Records

Linked Data versions of Library of Congress name authority records and subject authority records are now available for bulk download from the Library of Congress Linked Data Service, according to Kevin Ford at Library of Congress.

In addition, VIAF, the Virtual International Authority File, now provides bulk access to Linked Data versions of name authority records for organizations, including government entities and business organizations, from more than 30 national or research libraries. VIAF data are also searchable through the VIAF Web user interface.

Together, these services provide bulk access to Linked Data versions of a very large number of authority records for names of government entities in many countries–names which play a prominent role in many kinds of legal data. Moreover, the Library of Congress Subject Authority records service provides access to a very large set of Linked Data versions of records for legal subjects from many different legal systems; the coverage provided by those records varies from legal system to legal system, but is often very broad and is in some instances comprehensive.

These Linked Data resources can be downloaded and incorporated into new or existing legal information systems that employ Linked Data technology. In addition, because each authority record in these data sets contains a unique URI and is publicly accessible on the Web, legal information systems that employ Linked Data technology can link out to relevant authority records at VIAF or the Library of Congress, as part of the development of the legal portion of the Semantic Web.

Click here for a list of additional law-related Linked Data resources.

HT @3windmills here and here

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