Legal informatics papers @ CeDEM 2013

At least two papers on legal informatics were presented this week at CeDEM 2013: International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government, held 21-25 May 2013, Danube University Krems, Austria:

Kheira Belkacem and Vasilis Koulolias: Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative: A sociopolitical approach to eDemocracy initiatives in developing countries

Aspasia Papaloi and Dimitris G. Gouscos: Parliamentary Information Visualization: Paving the way towards legislative transparency and empowered citizens. Abstract:

Governments may be becoming more extroverted by interacting with citizens, yet citizens remain frustrated as many do not know about legislative procedures. Aspasia Papaloi suggets the use of visualisation to help citizens access information, gain the necessary skills, commmunicate and collaborate. Visualisation is about information quality and clarity, and must follow accessibility (equal access, right to information) and usability standards (quality, efficiency, effectiveness).
Parliamentary information viusalisation (PIV) focuses on openness, transparency, and empowerment. Aspasia Papaloi wonders whether opening parliamentray data will be able to achieve legislative transparency? Any answer though requires the consideration of factors such as the involvement of stakeholders, the feasability and an evaluation of the scope and success of such an aim. It also requires the consideration of user needs and how they visualise information.

For abstracts and full text of papers, please contact the authors.

Click here for the BotswanaSpeaks Website.

The Twitter hashtag for the conference was #cedem13

Click here for the complete conference program.

If you know of other legal informatics papers or posters presented at the conference, please feel free to mention them in the comments.

HT @FrieseWoudloper and Digital Society Lab

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