Knake: Syllabus and Slides: Twenty-First Century Law Practice

Professor Renee Newman Knake of Michigan State University College of Law and the ReInventLaw Lab has posted the syllabus and slides of her course entitled 21st Century Law Practice: New Models and Markets, being offered during the MSU Law – Westminster Law 21st Century Law Practice Summer Program 2013 in London.

Here is the course description:

This course will provide students with an overview of the practice challenges facing lawyers in the 21st century, including economic pressures, technological advancements, increased globalization, international deregulation, and access to justice concerns. Building upon this background, the course will then explore a set of case studies to examine a variety of innovative new legal services delivery mechanisms and businesses in the US and the UK, such as Axiom, LegalZoom, QualitySolicitors, and others that have been created in anticipation of (or in some cases in response to) these challenges. Students will critically assess these legal service providers, and will reflect upon how lawyers and regulators should respond. Credit for this course is one hour.

HT @reneeknake

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