Joergensen on UELMA-compliant digital law publishing: New Jersey Statutes Online

Associate Dean John Joergensen of Rutgers University has posted video of his presentation entitled New Jersey Statutes Online: A little better, given last week at CALICon 2013: Conference for Law School Computing.

Here is the abstract:

With the State of New Jersey considering the potential costs of adopting UELMA [the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act], it was important to show how the N.J. Statutes could be made available cheaply, and in an UELMA-compliant manner. At the same time, why not throw in some linked data? The speaker will discuss what we did to produce New Jersey Statutes Online, how we did it, and why.

The discussion will cover the following topics:

1. Why the project was undertaken, what it has to do with UELMA, and why it matters;
2. What resources and software were used, including the use of PHP, MySQL, and PERL.
3. Why we chose MySQL over NOSQL;
4. A discussion of parsing a really large text file;
5. Quality control and error correction issues;
6. Bulding in searchability and browseability;
7. Building in versioning;
8. Building in linked data.

For more information on UELMA, please see Professor Barbara Bintliff’s VoxPopuLII post, The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act Is Ready for Legislative Action.

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