Legal Informatics / Legal Communication Papers @ ICA 2013

The following legal informatics or legal communication papers were presented at ICA 2013: The Conference of the International Communication Association, held 17-21 June 2013, in London, England. (The full conference program is available here, here, and here. The Twitter hashtags for the conference were #ica13 and #ica2013. If you know of other legal communication or legal informatics papers presented at the conference, please feel free to mention them in the comments. For abstracts of papers, please see the conference program. For full text of papers, please contact the authors):

  • Daniel E. Bergan, Michigan State U; Richard T Cole, Michigan State U: Call Your Legislator: A Field Experimental Study of the Impact of Citizen Contacts on Legislative Voting
  • Matthew D. Bunker, U of Alabama; Kimberly Bissell, U of Alabama: Lost in the Semiotic Maze: Empirical Approaches to Proof of Blurring in Trademark Dilution Law
  • Matthew D. Bunker, U of Alabama; Clay Calvert, U of Florida: Could Wild Horses Drag Access Away From Courtrooms? Expanding First Amendment Rights to New Pastures
  • Misti Hill Carter, Texas A&M U: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Justifications in the Chinese Exclusion Case: An Argumentation Analysis
  • Marco Dohle, U of Dusseldorf; Uli Bernhard, U of Dusseldorf; Gerhard Vowe, U of Dusseldorf: Presumed Online Media Influence and Support for Censorship: Results From a Survey Among German Parliamentarians
  • Sarah Geber, Hanover U of Music, Drama, and Media; Helmut Scherer, Hanover U of Music, Drama, and Media: My Voter, My Party, and Me. American and German Parliamentarians on Facebook
  • Leonard C. Hawes, U of Utah: Narratives of Trauma and Reconciliation
  • Katherine Rhodes Knobloch, Colorado State U; Michael Barthel, U of Washington; John W. Gastil, Pennsylvania State U: Emanating Effects: The Impact of Microlevel Deliberation on the Public’s Political Attitudes
  • Christian Licoppe, Telecom ParisTech: Presence and Communication Technologies: Changing Forms, Changing Norms
  • Miriam Meckel, U of St. Gallen; Christian Pieter Hoffmann, U of St. Gallen: A New Quality of Political Participation: Direct Voter Engagement Through Social Media
  • Nicholas Aaron Merola, U of Texas; Vysali Soundararajan, U of Texas: Interruptions in the Court: Status and Information Control in the Oral Arguments of the Supreme Court
  • Christian Volker Pentzold, Chemnitz U of Technology: The Structures and Practices of Multimodal Online Discourse
  • Claire Rhodes, U of Memphis; Craig O. Stewart, U of Memphis: Debating LGBT Workplace Protections in the Bible Belt:Contested Identities in Legislative and Media Discourse
  • Richard C. Stanton, U of Sydney: Power and Agency in Political Communication: How Masculinist Politics Framed Competing Carbon Campaign in the Australian Legislature
  • Karen Tracy, U of Colorado: Managing the Problematic Relationship Between God and Government: Discourse Strategies in Legislative Hearings About Same-Sex Marriage
  • Einar Thorsen, Bournemouth U; Chindu Sreedharan, Bournemouth U; Stuart Allan, Bournemouth U: WikiLeaks and Whistleblowing: The Framing of Bradley Manning
  • Kyu Ho Youm, U of Oregon: Supreme Court on Cameras in the Courtroom
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