Lettieri and Parisi: Agent-based model of interplay between punishment and damaging behaviors

Dr. Nicola Lettieri of University of Sannio and ISFOL, and Domenico Parisi of ISTC-CNR have published Neminem laedere. An evolutionary agent-based model of the interplay between punishment and damaging behaviours, forthcoming in Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Here is the abstract:

This article aims at contributing to the discussion about the relationships between ICT, computer science and policy-making by focusing on agent-based social simulation. Enabled, from a technical point of view, by the developments of Distributed Artificial Intelligence in the 1990s and by the features of the object-oriented programming paradigm, agent-based social simulations are a tool for the analysis of social dynamics that can be used also to support the design and the evaluation of public policies. After a brief description of social simulation paradigm and of its impact on social sciences, the paper presents a simple agent-based model devised to analyze, even if in a very abstract way, a phenomenon that can rouse the interest of legal scientists: the interplay between damaging behaviors, punishment and social mechanisms of learning and imitation. Our goal is to show how agent-based simulation can be used not only to illuminate basic mechanisms underlying social phenomena but also to reflect, in an innovative way, on how society can deal with them.

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